Our 3 year old cat had a urinary blockage, late at night. We drove him to an …

Our 3 year old cat had a urinary blockage, late at night. We drove him to an emergency animal clinic, about an hour away. They diagnosed, treated, had him for almost 5 days. The bill was $2500, and they strongly recommended a $3000 PU surgery. We couldn’t afford that, so they transferred him to another vet that could do the surgury for $1600. They were not convinced that he needed the PU. They treated him, about 4 days, and he seemed to be on the mend. Bill was $640, which they let us split into 3 payments. After being home for a day or two, he obstructed again. We took him to our local vet. After examining him, it was discovered that he had a large chunk of plastic stuck in his penis. Exploratory surgery was done to remove it. Its presence has caused much trauma to the ureathra, causing blockage twice more since (scar tissue). So now he’s at our vet, unblocked with a catheter. They say a PU is his only option. Our vet isnt comfortable doing it, and will be contacting the 2nd vet that treated our kitty and see if they can. Costs are now an issue, as we’re paying the first vet(maxed care credit), 2nd vet (payments, $400 left), and 3rd vet( ours, payments, $221 every two weeks) . No idea how to get the little guy the PU surgery. 🙁

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3 years ago

I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this. Any idea 1-how the plastic got there? 2- how it wasn’t noticed before as the cat was seen multiple times? I would want to know. It seems strange that it would go unnoticed…. as far as the surgery. I’m hoping that given your current situation with the vet(s) that they might be able to either direct you towards someone or some group that would be able to help with the cost, as well as off you payment installments on good faith as you are currently paying already. Perhaps your local humane… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Mathew

Ia so glad that things are working out😊💛🐾

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Please (please!!) add your story to our storylines section. We are doing a whole long list of patients cases about just this subject and it would be so helpful to others (and me!) to hear about your cats case. If possible it should be w entered as desperate stories. One about the blocking episodes and the other about the pu surgery. And please include prices. We are trying so hard to save these cats by sharing stories of the successfully treated cases. Please keep us posted. Thank you!