So what are some opinions about whether or not clinics are over vaccinating?

So what are some opinions about whether or not clinics are over vaccinating?

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Hannah Mndrs
6 years ago

I really have no idea and should probably educate myself more on it, we just take our dogs in when we get the notice postcards our vet sends out. One thing I do know is that it’s expensive!! Individually it doesn’t seem like it but when they’re all added up it gets expensive!

LaDonna Puryear
6 years ago

I currently have a 6 yr. old golden retriever who’s epilepsy has gotten worse. At last visit I had titers run for parvo and distemper, and he is good without vaccinating. The rabies is another story, he is due rabies, but with his seizures I do not want to vaccinate him. I live in Maryland, is there any sort of waver that can be gotten for him?

LaDonna Puryear
6 years ago

I should have said I have not titred the rabies, (very expensive) but would if I could get a waiver for him.

Jana Rade
6 years ago

That, I imagine, depends on the clinic. At the very least, they should all follow the AAHA guidelines. Current canine guidelines recommend that adult dogs be vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus and adenovirus no more than once every three years.  Some argue that immunity lasts much longer than that. A good option is running titers after the three years to assess immunity status. As for rabies, that depends on local legislation; there are one-year and three-year vaccines out there. It seems that some clinic call for two-year re-vaccination – there is no such thing as a two-year rabies vaccine. As for… Read more »

Christina Chambreau
6 years ago

Brittany, I wonder if you are a Maryland tech. I teach the integrative medicine class at the Maryland vet tech program. I applaud you for asking for different opinions about vaccines. i encourage everyone to ask lots of questions – about everything. Diet, heartworm prevention, flea and tick chemicals, need for tests, need for drugs…collect the information, then make your own health care decisions.  As a holistic veterinarian since 1983 (after working in clinics since I was 11 and graduating from vet school at 30), I assert that vaccines have caused more harm to animals than anything else we have done. Vaccinated… Read more »