I have a golden retriever 11 years male a chow lab mix 15 female and…

I have a golden retriever 11 years male a chow lab mix 15 female and pit bull mix 6 female they all get along without any issues but the pit bull doesn’t get along with any dogs outside of the house so I would like someone opinion about my rescue dog pit bull 2 female friendly keeping her in her own room with access to side back yard area walking her daily and socializing with other dogs be ok ?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I think you will get tired of this arrangement very quickly.  After a few day if one or two of the dogs think they need to get to the other dog(s) you will have a dangerous situation.  One second of not paying attention.  One visiting friend that doesn’t understand the consequences of opening a door and you will have an out-of-control situation. And these are all BIG dogs.  You won’t be able to just pick up one of the dogs to end the fight. I have fostered dogs that wanted to kill smaller dogs (one of my own dogs!).  Every… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Eddie, I don’t quite understand the question….but I think you mean separate your pitbull from the other dogs in your house? Give her her own room with outside access to the yard?  This would be ok but I think you might run the risk of upsetting the harmony between the 3 of them. Your pitbull may end up jealous and feeling left out. She could turn on the other two maybe. She would certainly miss them. All you could do is give it a try and see.  I don’t know if your pitbull would ever be able to socialise… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Oh I see lol….yes that would be fine I’m sure. Be careful your pitbull doesn’t come face to face with your new dog though ….but I’m already sure you won’t ?

Good luck with the new dog!