Ok so this is a little crazy… I never imagined I would see this day, and …

Ok so this is a little crazy... I never imagined I would see this day, and how I'm having visions of a technological apocalypse. My dog is a video game addict. She literally goes and starts pawing at people's phones that are left lying about thinking the critters from her game are going to come out to play. I'm 90% decided I shouldn't let her play anymore because of how much she gets sucked into it. I'm not sure it's unhealthy but not sure it's healthy either. Pawbly people what are your thoughts on pet video games and apps like this?
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I don’t allow my pets anywhere near electronics.

Krista Magnifico

just because people have become obsessed crazed zombie-game players does not mean our pets should too. Doesn’t sound healthy or like she’s happy. Satiated stimuli should include food, attention and behavioral reinforcement of desired reactions.. i think your pup needs a walk and a squeaky toy,,, don’t feed the addiction once you identify she has one.