Ok so my mom passed away almost 3 months ago and I now take care…

Ok so my mom passed away almost 3 months ago and I now take care FULL TIME of her 14 year old shin tzu who knows me very well. He is completely blind and deaf. My issue is that I cannot leave his side for more then 10 minutes or he will start panting and crying like really crying, witch I’ve never heard him do in his entire life. I don’t know what to do ???? I can’t go anywhere or even clean the house because he starts to freak out. I’ve though about maybe having him put down but I don’t because he still does what I call his happy mode, after he eats he does this thing where he rubs his head into the bed kinda under the pillow and I engage with him using my hand. It only lasts for a couple minutes or so but he does this about 2 or 3 times a day. And I feel like that shows some signs of still having a good quality of life. But oh my god he is driving me crazy with not being able to be alone. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 years ago

Hi Angie, I am sorry to hear that you and the dog are having a tough time. If you think the dog is still having a good quality of life then there are some things you could try. -Treat puzzles such as Kong. The dog can still smell so get something like a Kong and fill it with treats the dog enjoys. You can even fill it with his food. Let him smell it and see if that takes his attention off of you. They make these toys for senior pets too so it won’t be to hard on his… Read more »