2 days ago i noticed a big black scab on my cats chin, i am…

2 days ago i noticed a big black scab on my cats chin, i am familiar with cat-ne (feline acne) and i have not noticed it on him previously. The scab was pretty large and when i looked at it today, he allowed me to touch it so im assuming it isnt causing him pain and it kinda just fell right off. However, now there is a big raw spot where the scab was. Its rather pink and i think i saw some clear and possibly some yellow fluid coming out of a couple spots. But at this point, he was uncomfortable and ran away so i couldnt get a better look. Anyone have any ideas? It just seemed like too big a scab to be acne..

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4 years ago

Good morning? Years ago we had a very similar situation. We were advised to switch feeding bowls to ceramic or stainless steel instead of plastic, and that solved the issue. Hope this helps!

Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

I see lots of these. usually it is acne or allergic reaction to bowls/water dishes. Keep the area clean, ask your vet for a topical antibiotic scrub that can be used around the face a mouth and follow up with them for antibiotics or allergy meds if it doesnt resolve.