My year and a half old Great Dane had large lump on belly, took her to …

My year and a half old Great Dane had large lump on belly, took her to emergency vet where she put a needle in it and drained lump. Sent home with heavy duty antibiotics and pain meds. Now dog has diarrhea and trouble with her bowel mvmts. and has started puncture hole bleeding. Don’t really want to take her back to vet. Beginning to not trust any doctors as I read on your blog site that you don’t agree with draining and lumps should eventually absorb on its own. She doesn’t seem in distress or pain. What can I do to take care of her at home with giving her meds that will help her heal?

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Krista Magnifico
5 months ago

Hello, I’m sorry but this needs to be addressed by a vet who can examine your dog. There are too many unanswered medical issues here to guess at. I don’t know what the lumps are or how they might be related to the gi issues. Or if the medications alone caused them. At minimum a thorough exam needs be done. And then an aspirate or biopsy of the masses. This may require more than one visit so it is important to find a general practitioner vet to help with the process. An er is not appropriate for this as they… Read more »