My vet thinks my cat has a nasopharyngeal polyp but he needs to go under anesthesia …

My vet thinks my cat has a nasopharyngeal polyp but he needs to go under anesthesia so he they can know for sure and get it out, but he was also listening to my cats heart and said he has a grade one mitral heart murmur and that he needs to have xrays and ultrasounds and such done to make sure his heart is ok before going into surgery because they said his heart could fail while under anesthesia and he could die. My dad said they we should just go ahead with the surgery without spending $550 extra dollars because he doesn’t think he has anything serious wrong his heart considering it was only a grade one heart murmur and my cat was already very nervous about the car ride and being at the vet and that could have caused his heart rate to be off a little. Would it be necessary to look into his heart further or just go ahead with the surgery considering it would only be a 20-60 minute surgery? Would a cat with any type of heart conditions die during surgery? What should I do next?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, These cases often arise in my practice. Hears how I address them. I present my findings of the physical exam to my client and discuss recommendations and suggestions to provide the best care possible. Ideally all cats with heart murmurs should have echocardiograms Especially before anesthesia. But based on a cost of about $600 most people decline to do it. It doesn’t change the need for removing the polyp so we typically do the procedure with as many precautions as possible but not knowing everything we would like to because we don’t have the heart scan to know what’s… Read more »