My six year old male mini pin was crying out in pain four nights ago. He …

My six year old male mini pin was crying out in pain four nights ago. He sticks his neck foward in a downward gaze, arches his back and lifts one leg. I timed each cry and they were 10 minutes apart. We decided to take him to the emergency vet, which was located 25 miles away. During the car ride, my baby did not cry out loud once. After completing blood work, the vet. did not mention anything concerning other than she thought he hurt his back. She prescribed two medications. Fast forward to today, and the pain continues, although it’s not every ten minutes, but almost every single time he moves his body. He can walk on all four legs, eats and drinks as he normally did, but he is not the same. You can tell he is in extreme pain- the medication does not seem to be helping. Why did the emergency vet not screen for IVDD? Do you think these are the early signs of the condition? If so, how should I go about mitigating the pain?

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1 year ago

Hi there- I am so sorry you and your dog are going through this. I think I would get in to see your regular vet ASAP- bring all the info from the ER vet to share. Let your vet know your suspicions. I also think that you are within your rights to phone the ER vet and ask them about ivdd and why they didn’t check that possibility out (or do an X-ray). Also let them know that the meds are not helping. Meantime- I would think crate rest and limited activity might help- you might want to search out… Read more »