Thing up cat nostril

My rescue cat is estimated to be about 3 years old. Pembroke has had breathing issues since I adopted him. It started with a URI which was treated successfully. But then the snoring started. He also shakes his head frequently and itches his ears. I had a full body x-ray as well as blood work done on him. I can visibly see a blockage in his left nostril but no vet in my area has been willing to figure it out without me going to a specialist for an endoscopy. However, this could just be nasal inflammation (according to 1/3 different vets I’ve gone to) because I was told based on the x-rays there is no growth. Am I crazy for wanting to try and get more answers before spending $2000 on an endoscopy? Ive already spent thousands on this little one and I’ve only had him for a few months. I’m in the Greater New Orleans area. I will attach his x-ray photos. He also has an abnormally large kidney but all of his blood and urine levels were fine. They recommend an abdominal ultrasound but I am trying to prioritize his breathing issues as this is hard to watch when he’s sleeping. He acts completely normal but when he is asleep it is apparent his breathing is difficult. I can also hear him do big swallow that sound like he has post nasal drip. He sneezes often but he never has any discharge/snot.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask for help without spending another few thousand dollars. Maybe you could try some medications to see if they help? I use cerenia drops often. I also try a nasal flush under general anesthesia. This is a really hard place to look at our even investigate. So I would give some time and some medications and see if that helps.
If all else fails ask for a feline specialist referral.

Good luck. Keep me posted. Please.