My rats (2 months old) are sneezing. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes its like three in a …

My rats (2 months old) are sneezing. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes its like three in a row, but it is not consistent. I have read that this could be linked to respiratory issues, but they have no other symptoms. They ping, brux, boggle, play fight with their siblings, eat, socialize with me and other members of my family. They are not secreting porphyrin either. They do sleep a lot during the day, which I thought may be a symptom, but they are also still babies and are EXTREMELY active during the night. Should I be worried about the sneezing?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Sneezing is a very broad clinical sign. In general it indicates that there is inflammation or irritation to the nose and nasal passages. This can come from infection, allergies, allergens, foreign bodies and even masses. If it is happening to both of them I would worry about allergens or infection. Infection usually causes other clinical signs like lethargy and deceased appetite. For allergens or inflammation things like removing all household irritants (no spays, powders, diffusers, etc) and minimizing dust and particles with a household filtration unit all help. Also fresh air if you can provide it safely. If the… Read more »

2 years ago

If this is environmental: add an air cleaner (one that just blows dust into a filter) near their enclosure. I really like the system made by Swiffer – it’s literally a fan in a base, blowing dust into a filter sock. It looks nice and does a great job at reducing dust. Furthermore, make sure you aren’t using harsh cleaners, or anything with airborne scents. This means no candles, no aerosols, no oil diffusers. Make sure you vacuum in their area frequently, and make sure you keep the room free of dust. The aforementioned air cleaner helps but it doesn’t… Read more »