My question is about food for my cats and dogs. Cats Ive always been told to …

My question is about food for my cats and dogs.

Ive always been told to keep dry food out at all times so I do but I also feed them in the morning and at dinner with a mixture of wet and dry. They are all 6 years old and they are putting on weight. Should I take up the dry food so they don’t graze on it all day and just feed them their 2 meals a day. Is that enough?

I have always fed my 13 year old once a day with a mixture of wet and dry and of course he gets tid bits from our plates through the day. Lol. He’s always been a healthy weight and seems very happy. I rescued a dog a year go that was a stray and she was 1. I kept dry food out for her all day, as suggested by my vet, and also feed her with her brother at diner time with the same mixture. I have recently taken up her dry food and only feed her once a day Now with the brother.

Am I doing the correct things for my animals. I don’t want to overindulge them and have them become overweight and have the many problems that come along with that. But i also don’t want them hungry. Not sure what to do.


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3 years ago

Hi there😊 Personally, we feed twice a day, our cats and dogs both. They get fed in the morning after their first walk and then again in the evening after their last walk. We also only feed dry food. They do get small pieces of dog treat throughout the day for good behavior and training as well. If you are truly questioning your feeding habits though, I would speak with your vet for advice. Best of luck!

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I agree with Sarah!

3 years ago

I agree with Sarah, as well. Never free feed, especially with multiple animals in the house. It’s hard to track who is eating what and who’s off their food. In addition, you may find it better for both dogs to feed twice a day, to keep their blood sugar even and their guts happy. (I have a breed prone to bile pukes if they aren’t fed twice daily.)

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, For indoor overweight cats I recommend one 5 oz can of a high quality canned food per cat twice a day. I also say to add water. It will help them feel full and not add calories. Also limit how much dry food you offer and the type of dry food. There are lots of low calorie options available. I use these as snacks during the day. For dogs I feed twice a day because they need calories twice a day and that way you know who is eating and how much. Which is super important if anyone gets… Read more »