My Plott Hound had a large internal lipoma removed on Monday directly above his penis in …

My Plott Hound had a large internal lipoma removed on Monday directly above his penis in his abdominal area. Almost immediately, he developed prominent swelling directly to, proximal, and distal to his operative site. In addition, he has swelling down his leg. Took him back to the vet where a needle aspirate was done. He was diagnosed with multiple seromas. There was no WBCs seen or anything else visualized under the scope to indicate infection INSIDE. However, externally, his skin is red and angry and there is a lot of swelling. He is on 2 broad spectrum antibiotics. He is having a hard time walking on his right leg. Took him back today (day 5 post op) because swelling is even worse. He has swelling all down his leg. Vet says it made sense to her because of gravity. My dog is in a lot of pain, can’t sit down. He put his paws down and his bottom stays up in the air. No one can even palpate his operate site without him going through the roof in pain. He is on Tramadol and an NSAID. I’m extremely worried. The vet isn’t a fan of the drain because she doesn’t want to create more room for infection. Ultra Sound showed no abscess. He is drinking a lot of water (more than usual) and urinating normally. His last BM was yesterday. Eating mostly fine. Low grade temp. Does this sound all right? I hate that he is suffering. The pics I have included were yesterday, not today. But you get the idea of the areas of seromas and erythema. Today, the swelling is worse and his entire leg down to his paw is fluid filled.

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Krista Magnifico
9 months ago

Hello, There are a few things that I am not completely clear about. The lipoma was not inside the abdomen it was between the skin and the abdomen. It is far more common to be here then inside rhe abdominal cavity. Also you wouldn’t get these seromas inside rhe abdomen. Next seromas shouldn’t be painful. Maybe get in the way of using there, but not painful. Lastly I only use a Darin of it is infected. And even then I am not an over ambitious drain user. It’s doctor preference. Last I think it would be better for you to… Read more »