My one year old cat threw up twice on August 23rd, but she was not acting …

My one year old cat threw up twice on August 23rd, but she was not acting lethargic and was still eating and drinking normally so I thought she maybe threw up because of a hair ball. She threw up again today twice, with one being a very small amount. She is not acting lethargic and is active and playing. She is also drinking normally but she has not eaten as much as normal. Both times she threw up when I was not at home. She did start eating when I got home today though. I also free feed her but haven’t had issues with her vomiting due to eating to fast or vomiting in the entire time I have had her (one year). I’m not sure what the cause of her vomiting could be.

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3 years ago

Hi there-
I hate to sound gross, but was her food fully digested? Was the event close to when she was finished eating? If that is the case, she may have just eaten to fast. Also- have you switched foods? Sometimes that can upset a stomach. If she is acting normally and going to the bathroom and being her normal self, I would just keep an eye on her and make sure she stays that way. Any sudden change, I would call the vet. If you have an appointment soon, I would mention it to them.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Based on age alone I think that if I were your vet I would talk to you about intestinal parasites (best diagnosed with a fecal exam sent to the lab) and a discussion of food and environment. I think these are really good places to start. And best for your cats well being. Hope this helps. Please let us know what happens.