My male cat is 2 yrs old and he has a small history of urinary issues. He …

My male cat is 2 yrs old and he has a small history of urinary issues. He went in for not being able to pass urine in May 2019. Vet #1 suggested prescription wet food(hills c/d multicare) and perineal urethrostomy. While he was hospitalized with a catheter and IV fluid therapy I did my research and the surgery seemed risky and I wanted a second opinion. After my boy was discharged I went to vet #2. Vet #2 reviewed urinalysis and bloodwork and didn’t see reason for surgery at the moment as cat was passing urine okay. Vet #2 said to continue with the food and gave dasuquin supplements.
Fast forward to present day April 2020 almost 1 year later he’s still on the c/d wet food, hasn’t had any blockages since. I want to change his diet to Open Farm which is a higher quality food and I am a bit nervous. Should I get another urinalysis or bloodwork done before making the transition? Is it necessary to make an appointment and ask my vet? The c/d is ranked below average for nutrition and ingredients from what I have read and I don’t want to be paying for food that’s not the best but it has a high price tag! I currently feed him 1 can/day and add salmon oil.

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2 years ago

Good morning😊What does your vet say about the food change? Is this food a recommendation from them? If your cat is doing well with their current diet, I personally would stay, unless of course the vet feels change is necessary. Just coming from the mindset that it is working so I wouldn’t mess with anything. I know that lately there are a lot of pet food brands vying for our attention- some of them are valid, but a lot of designer pet foods are just flash. The fda does have a list of information on pet food and regulations as… Read more »

2 years ago

I’d LOVE to be able to switch my cat back to his normal food, but the veterinary diet he’s on is keeping him as healthy as possible. I pay more to keep him healthier.

Yes, you need to ask your vet about this. Don’t change foods without their involvement.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I agree with Sarah and laura. You are sooo lucky that your cat has done so well and soo tempting fate and a 2500 PU surgery if you change food. Stick with what works. I have seen this happen too many times to ever recommend changing diets.