My kitten of (five weeks – six weeks) appears to have a swollen belly. I have …

My kitten of (five weeks – six weeks) appears to have a swollen belly. I have been concerned for a while as it does not seem to go away, my kitten also seems to constipate a bit and isolate himself from other kittens. Although he shows some odd behavior, he still is the most energetic kitten of the lot and eats very often, more so than the other kittens, and he loves climbing, jumping, running, and is an all around happy lil guy. His feces does not seem to show any signs of parasitic infection (no eggs, mucus, blood) and I’m concerned it might even be FIP. Just wondering what it could be, thanks for taking the time in reading this!

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2 years ago

Good morning-
When is your next vet appointment? I’m assuming you already have them lined up for vaccinations and check ups since they’re so little. I’m sure the vet will give them all a physical and check for parasites etc. at that time. I think I would try to get in ahead of schedule for this little guy though since your concerned. Best of luck🐾😊

2 years ago

I’d get him to the vet. Big bellies are (usually) wormy bellies, but your vet will be able to help you here.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

My first concern would be FIP too. There are some new treatment plans for this disease so I would have it diagnosed ASAP for the best chance at a successful treatment.