My ex-feral cat has been diagnosed with a tape worm that the vet had us treat …

My ex-feral cat has been diagnosed with a tape worm that the vet had us treat with a round of Cestex (25mg – 1 1/2x’s day for 2 days) this knocked the fecal test from a 4+ to a 2+ and they recommended the same meds again, knocked it from a 2+ to a 1+. Now they say do it again or come in and the cat can get a shot. The cat has had check up’s every year since coming inside, and tape worm was noted once before and meds given at the vet. Now they think she has had it for as long as she has been inside. Told it is a type of worm not normally seen in SE USA, more Pacific NW and could be caught from eating dead fish in a pond or frogs. When she was feral and coming to the door at night she would bring us frogs so this makes sense. Question is, is this type of worm bad for the cat long term? And does it pose any health risks for us? She really gets upset when being given the pills and does not travel well to the vet for shots. Any thoughts are appreciated, wish I could remember the name of the worm the tech told us on the phone.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

First if this is a tapeworm I consider them more gross than dangerous. So there’s that. Second they are caused by ingesting a flea so we start with treating fleas and tapes. And third (and best of all) all of this can be treated in one easy monthly application of revolution plus monthly. Easy-peezy!

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I should add one more thing. If your fecal is being sent to a lab they can help to diagnose it, assist with treating and help with any kind of zoonotic issues. I call them for help a lot. Hope this all helps. And in general very few cat parasites are dangerous to people. But you need to get the exact name of the worm to confirm this.