My dog was just diagnosed with IVDD. He had The wobbly sailor legs. We are on …

My dog was just diagnosed with IVDD. He had The wobbly sailor legs. We are on day 6 of “crate rest” and my husband and I noticed that his Back end almost looks skinnier? Could he be losing muscle mass this soon and is muscle loss even a side effect? His back and doesn’t seem as droopy from when I brought him in on Saturday his legs still kind of cross in the back and he is not strong. I have anxiety, diagnosed, and so I’m just looking for some peace of mind. We could just be over thinking it and maybe his backend always was the size.

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2 years ago

Hi there- very sorry to hear about your pup. I am sure that you and your vet have come up with a game plan. I just wanted to make you aware that Dr. Magnifico has some videos online dealing with this exact issue on her YouTube. It might give you some helpful information that you weren’t aware of. Very best of luck to you 🐾💛😊

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Atrophy can start soon after disuse. If you aren’t using your muscles they start to atrophy. But he looks like he is in good body condition so I would worry about getting the pain under control and not so much the atrophy. You can only do a little at a time. And the first part of dealing with this is pain management. As he gets less painful he can start to walk a little more. Be careful and go slow. Best of luck to you all. I have lots of info on my blog and videos.