Dog won’t open eye, red, watery

My dog, Max, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. We are still trying to find the right dose of insulin and were making progress until yesterday. His sugar was back up to 471 yesterday when 2 weeks ago it was 275. We know cataracts are already forming but this morning before 4am he woke me up. I thought he had to go outside but when I got him, realized he wasn’t opening his left eye. When he does open it, it seems rolled back and is red. His third eyelid is also visible. The right one is better but also seems like it might be bothering him. I contacted the vet for walk in hours today but wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue and what it might be.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Me again. I think that as long as he is acting completely normal otherwise AND not rubbing his face or eye (which can cause trauma or damage to the cornea (think about all the doctors advice to not run your eyes)), then you are probably fine to wait until we open at 1. If he is rubbing his face please place an ecollar on him. You can always make a quick make shift one with either a large price of plastic or thick poster board or even a bucket (do a google search for homemade ecolllars people get creative.… Read more »