My dog lola has ivdd and hurt her back for the second time. The last time …

My dog lola has ivdd and hurt her back for the second time. The last time was last year. This time it’s worse, she was at the park running on sat after that everything looked fine until sunday night she looked like she’s in a little pain and monday got worse. She couldn’t walk at the vet she still had deep pain which a day after she lost also. Now she’s paralyzed and doesn’t control her bladder, she was in a hospital for 3 days getting medications. She’s now taking steroids and pain management.. I couldn’t afford the surgery which was about 10k $ so we decided to try cage rest again. Now a week later when I poke her feet it looks like the leg is twitching. How can I tell if it’s a good sign or just reflexes? What treatment will be best from now? I’m thinking about acupuncture and laser.. thank you

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

These cases absolutely require constant almost daily oversight by your vet. They can help with assessing pain, managing recovery and even with physical therapy to get your dog back to ambulatory function. Please call your vet and ask them to look her over and go every few days for help in managing her. I have lots of info about this on my blog and YouTube channel. Search ivdd. Ps I think acupuncture and laser are beneficial ancillary therapies. But good oversight is key. Good luck.