My dog is almost 6 months old and she wont hold her bladder more than an hour …

My dog is almost 6 months old and she wont hold her bladder more than an hour while out of her crate, but in it she will hold it for several hours, or all night. So i know she has the ability to, but she just won’t. She also knows its wrong and will come put her head in my lap when she’s peed. She tells me most of the time when she needs out. But she will also just pee while she’s walking around, like so fast in a line I dont even see her fo it. Sometimes she looks suprised it happened. I used to be a veterinary tech, and I know the signs of a uti and I don’t see any of those. Any ideas?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

If you used to be a vet tech I hope that the doctor you worked under can help you with an exam, blood work and urinalysis. Until you’ve done these to ya re just phishing, guessing and prolonging any needed medical care. Please call your vet and start a work up for your concerns.

2 years ago

At 6 months she *should* be fully trained, but she’s still a puppy. She’ll still have accidents. Why aren’t you making sure to take her outside every hour? My 7 year old goes out hourly when we’re home.

Has she had her first heat? My bitch had an inverted vulva which corrected itself after her first heat. She had a few weird issues with urination prior to that.

2 years ago

One other thought…are we talking empty bladder puddles, or dribbles? If the former, ask them to palpate the kidneys to check size.

(I had a puppy I couldn’t housebreak – he could hold his urine for about 45 minutes before he’d bladder-dump. He had renal dysplasia.)

Last edited 2 years ago by Laura
2 years ago

Then bring up the kidneys when you’re next at the vet. It took months of pushing on his housebreaking issues before anyone took us seriously, and by then it was too late to do anything to help him.

2 years ago

That’s pretty much how the situation was handled, yeah. Even our breeder kept insisting it was something we did wrong.