My cat is 12 years old. We noticed she had lost some weight over a short period …

My cat is 12 years old. We noticed she had lost some weight over a short period of time and booked a visit to see our vet on Monday. Then she stopped eating over the weekend and became lethargic so we took her to the ER vet. They diagnosed her with CKD and it is very advanced. Her values were so high they needed to dilute their sample to get a reading. We were told it would not be inappropriate to euthanize her right then and there or we could hospitalize her but she might not handle the treatment well because of her heart murmur. It was such a shock I had no idea she was so unwell, but I couldn’t put her down without trying anything. She was admitted for 2 days and hydrated and while she did perk up and start eating, her numbers did not go down significantly. She came home and was perky for roughly 45 minutes, then laid down to sleep on our sofa and has been using that spot as home base for the last 2 days. She’ll get up to drink and use the litterbox and greet us but then promptly returns to her spot. She is grooming herself. These are some good signs. What worries me is she has already gone off eating. She didn’t have much the first day but today she licked some gravy off some wet food and has had a few treats. She is less perky already. The vet sent us home with mirtazpine ointment and subQ fluids… but nothing for nausea. My question is: should I force feed her? Should I have a tube put in? Should I let her go? I don’t want her to suffer if it’s her time but I also want to give her a chance if she can still lead a good life. She’s an agreable cat and tolérâtes the sub Q fluids well, though I don’t think she would like to be force fed. I won’t give up on her but I don’t want her to suffer either by putting in a tube or force feeding if it will only keep her with me another week.

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1 year ago

I wouldn’t force feed without vet guidance. I would, however, call your regular vet and have a serious conversation about what you can do for her, and what sort of prognosis your vet can give you.

I will say she needs to start eating, so I would get her in to your vet today if at all possible.

I’m so sorry this is happening. It’s scary when it’s so sudden. My heart goes out to you as my stinky kidney cat burps in my face. Let us know what happens?