My cat has herpes & has had worms in the past. She has had 3 litters of …

My cat has herpes & has had worms in the past. She has had 3 litters of kittens before. The first litter was 3 stillborns. The second litter was only 2 babies (one of them being boo of course.) The third happened recently about 4 weeks ago & there was 3 of them (we’re not sure if it was the same father as the last two.) The kittens seemed very healthy but with having other outdoor cats we had to often give them flea baths & even then the fleas would still be there & climb up to their faces but obviously we were hesitant getting their faces. Their mother fed them very well (I could even say maybe over fed them) & they got plenty of rest. The only concern I would say I noticed is how one of them only seemed to use three of her legs, but I didn’t think much about it because I assumed she was young & just still learning how to walk. Then all of a sudden a few hours before she passed she kind of just really wanted nothing to do with anything & just keep sleeping. When I saw she was dead later I noticed brown squiggly things on her, I figured it was either flea eggs or some type of worm. It couldn’t have been the same worms her mother used to have because those were white. We obviously took her away from the others, and then their mother seemed to not want much to do with the two ones still alive. She’s done this in the past when she had her stillborns, she was depressed for a while. I figured it could either be that or my mother read online that it could be because she knows they’re sick & she doesn’t want anything to do with it. So me & my family purchased kitten formula, a bottle, & turkey wet food made specifically for kittens. We’ve made an effort to feed them 15 ml of the formula every 4 hours. We also provided them with warm blankets and shelter since they are lacking their mothers body heat. One of them was acting like the kitten that had just passed, just really not up for doing anything. The next morning we saw them & they seemed fine, then we check on them about 15 minutes later & that same kitten was from before was dead. We’re now making an effort to really keep an eye on this one & do everything we can. He was doing so well this morning, & we’ve been holding him to our chest for more intense warmth & continued to feed him 15 ml of formula every 4 hours. Now for the past 4 hours or so he’s starting to look really lazy like the other two. We’re scared he’s not going to make it very long

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3 years ago

Good morning. My advice would be to get to a vet. I would also advise spaying this cat in an effort to prevent this same event from repeating itself as this is the third time you’re going through this. Best of luck.

3 years ago

I agree with Sarah. You need a vet for the litter as well as for your queen – spay her, speuter the kittens when they’re ready for their new homes. Stop the cycle of producing sick cats.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your kittens. There are so many things that this could be. It’s really almost impossible for me to even speculate. I think it would be really helpful to provide basic medical care. Like parasite control and treatment and vaccines. And yes of course spaying and neutering to prevent future litters and the high mortality associated with them. I would guess that it is probably a few simple things. Parasites, disease, exposure are the big killers for cats and kittens. I applaud your compassion but I think it’s time to start providing more medical intervention.… Read more »