My cat has been constipated since Wednesday, we noticed afterwards he couldn’t urinate and had …

My cat has been constipated since Wednesday, we noticed afterwards he couldn’t urinate and had a few droplets of blood. He threw up wouldn’t eat or drink water. We took him to the emergency room yesterday. It was to expensive for a 48 hours stay, so we opted for 24 hour stay where they monitored him; he was on fluids and sedated him for the unblockage. He was catheterized on Saturday and was removed today (Sunday). He’s home but still straining a bit to poop and pee. I don’t know if this is normal. They didn’t prescribe me anything just change his diet (they gave me some food) and his urine samples to take to my vet for check up. Is there any recommendations to give to my cat? Or take him to the vet. It’s expensive for as it is now with paying for 1k for him and I can’t afford another unblockage. Is there anything that will dissolve the crystals (the emergency doc said he has that but still gave me urine sample to take to his clinic).

Thank you

I contacted Long Island Spay & Neuter they referred me to Grady Animal Hospital in Long Island. And he is staying there for 48 hours. Taking Jimmy back to the vet was the right choice. Praying everything will be ok.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Your cat needs to see a vet ASAP. Today. As close to right now as possible. Please call your regular vet and tell them what is going on. Someone needs to examine your cat, Determine if he is blocked again and help you get through the next few weeks. In my opinion these cases need multiple days of iv fluids and very close monitoring omg with a few medications to have the best chance of success. Good luck. Please add to this question with updates to let us know what happened.

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago
Reply to  Roxana

long island spay and neuter has helped before.

1 year ago

Hey- hopefully you got into see your regular vet. Blockage is serious and time is not your friend. Diet change may help, but only after the original problem for the blockage is addressed. When our cat had a blockage, he was on an IV for quite sometime and had to stay two nights at our vet at the time. Then we were sent home with specific instructions and what to look for and when to call and pain meds. Hope your cat is going to be alright.