My cat disappeared outdoors for numerous days (he’s indoor, but LOVED it out at night) …

My cat disappeared outdoors for numerous days (he’s indoor, but LOVED it out at night) I always had the back door a bit loosely closed, so he could get back in. He was 12yo and could get in.

After days of worry and a small sighting of him, he came to me gaunt and meowing. He wasn’t a big meower— It was sad sounding as well.
After 1 1/2 days of exhibiting odd spots to just lay around the house, he deteriorated in hours. I found him with vomit at his mouth and what appeared to be urine at his backside. He had passed.
My husband was convinced that our new dog just bothered him enough to the point that he’d gone to our neighbors, outside. Or was being fed somewhere. I looked for him constantly and only once did he attempt to come up to me. After a few days, to see him in such weak and fragile state, I’m so horrified at what was going on; to which I have no answered questions and regrets.
*He weighed considerably less upon returning home
*He was a WELL fed cat (didn’t eat after returning)
*He recently (2mo prior) had blood work done and his shots. Not cancer/diabetes
*He deteriorated very quickly (when he couldn’t walk and use his back legs, he passed before anything could happen; ie; vet etc)
*He didn’t seem to to be able to eat? My last time trying to feed him, he’s s head repeatedly tapped the bowl. Uncontrollably and he couldn’t get food. This being before he went. -It was awful-. I left food by him and went to explain the severity to my husband.

Prior to disappearing, he seemed in perfect health at 12.

So overnight he couldn’t walk and within the hour of dying, function. He laid and went. Vomit at his mouth (some food by his head partially chewed)
And urine stain backside.

I’m devastated. Please help!

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3 years ago

That’s terrible, Daisy, and I’m very sorry. Honestly, the only way to determine cause is via a necropsy. Unfortunately this is a risk when we let our cats outside.

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I’m sorry for your loss. If you are asking me to guess what happened I would say possibly trauma, toxin ingestion, infection or hepatic lipidosis. I have seen all in cases like this. Again our sympathies. Cats should be inside. We just live in that kind of world sadly.