My 9 year old pug has a seroma on his right back hip. It was drained once …

My 9 year old pug has a seroma on his right back hip. It was drained once due to discomfort.

It’s now filled back up over the last few days. We’ve been monitoring it since our vet doesn’t want to drain it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

It’s really big. It’s pulling the skin down with the weight of it.

How is it possible for the body to heal the muscle area where the space exists when all that liquid is in there and stretching the skin?

He is eating, drinking and seems fine, but he’s having trouble walking with the weight of the liquid he’s now walking around with.

Is it dangerous at any point? Is there a time where it’s too much fluid in the area?

The space was cause by a car tire. He was grazed in our driveway. The skin got separated and me has formed a seroma. He is recovering well from the experience. He’s on antibiotics for the cuts he had and an anti inflammatory.

Thank you. 🙏🏻

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, In general I address seromas this way; if it isn’t infected or causing the patient problem I leave them alone. It takes time, often weeks to months but the body will reabsorb the fluid slowly and without incident. If it is a problem a drain can be placed in and around the pocket. But this comes with possible consequences. Like every surgery has risk. It requires anesthesia. There is a charge and a risk with this. Opening a sterile pocket to place a drain allows for the introduction of bacteria and can lead to infection. That’s worse than a… Read more »

3 years ago

If you did not get any paperwork with your puppy, I would make an appointment with your vet immediately. Let them know he is brand new and has no records.