My 9 month old puppy keeps on chewing his tail relentlessly and chewing his feet. He also …

My 9 month old puppy keeps on chewing his tail relentlessly and chewing his feet. He also sticks both his tail and feet down his throat as far as they will go. When he is playing with toys he keeps squashing them and trying to swallow them whole. He seems frustrated when doing this but he will be playing and then will break away to chew tail or feet. He won’t stop trying to eat EVERYTHING. Three trips previously to the vet to remove large things he has swallowed. He has so much energy and not just normal pup energy.. he does not nap at all through the day. He can go on hours of massive runs through the day and does not even lie down once through the day. Constantly on the go, no off button at all. Becoming quite dominant with other dogs and has started barking at me for attention when he’s not getting any. He has started mouthing people when he meets them, not aggressively but more for attention. He isn’t neutered but people have told me that may be a good start. The behavioural issues are a new thing, he’s been perfect up until the past couple of weeks. Chewing his tail and feet has been going on months. Have been to the vets about it but they don’t seem interested and basically said to think about having his tail docked, he will still attempt to chew what is left so it would never heal!

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Wow. This is a lot of worrisome issues. At this point I think that I would say to: Please seek a second opinion from a different vet who will actually help you both. I also strongly advocate a trainer and loads of exercise to help keep him from developing other abnormal behaviors. Training, exercise and an understanding of what is going on in your pups head and environment are all crucial to long term success and safety.