My 8 year old Dachshund, Ruben, was diagnosed with IVDD one week ago by an emergency vet …

My 8 year old Dachshund, Ruben, was diagnosed with IVDD one week ago by an emergency vet after we weren’t able to speak or get an appointment with our regular vet. This was his second flare up but this time he lost movement and feeling in both his back legs. The vet told us he had no deep pain sensation. Surgery was not a financial option for us so we opted to bring him home and try conservation treatment. Living with a paralyzed dog does not overwhelm me but I do need him to get back his personality and not be in pain anymore.
We are so disappointed with our current vet and how everything played out the day Ruben had his flare up and became paralyzed. We have made calls to a new vet clinic and are waiting to get into their earliest appointment with an educated vet.
From the emergency vet, Ruben was sent home with 4 medications, Tramadol, Metacam, Robaxin, and Gabapentin. It has been one week and he appears to be in much less pain and his body is relaxed, the quivering has stopped and he doesn’t often cry. We stopped giving him the Metacam two days ago because he had all of the side effects that the drug prescribed and we didn’t feel that he needed it for pain management.
In the last two days his appetite has gone downhill, eating very small amounta but then turning away. Even his favourite foods like cheese he wants nothing to do with. He is still drinking water but only when I use a syringe into his mouth.
He has also become extremely lethargic and seems depressed/sad to the point where he won’t move or lift his head without our assistance. All he does is lay there and sleep. We move him around in different positions and he doesn’t cry in pain when we move him, he just doesn’t seem to care. We can flip him over from one side to another and he won’t even life his head. Nothing we do warrants any type of excitement from him. I am terrified he’s losing all his strength and have no idea if this is a normal part of the healing process or if there is something else wrong with him. He does not have bladder control but is peeing often uncontrolled. He also has semi consistent bowel movements, at least one small one per day. No diarrhea but there was some tarry black stool.
My vet appointment is Wednesday, 4 days away still, trying to get in sooner with them but I just don’t know if I should be taking him back to emergency. Please help.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, As with all of these cases they need fairly intensive monitoring and care for the first few weeks. They need the help and guidance of both a dedicated and devoted family and a vet care professional who can closely supervise and assist. In most cases in person every few days until things get settled. I would talk to your vet about which meds are best long term. In my opinion And in the extremely debilitating cases like this I use a steroid bs an NSAID. But this is something you have to discuss with your vet. You also have… Read more »