My 7 month old retriver puppy has real behavior issues I cant seem to break. I cant …

My 7 month old retriver puppy has real behavior issues I cant seem to break. I cant afford a dog trainer since everyone I’ve contacted wants atleast $500 for 5 hours of basic training. The problems: she pulls on the leash…hard. she is constantly chewing on stuff. Anything in the floor. As soon as i turn my back shes into something… the trash, litter box, cat food, chasing the cats… she knows it wrong because when she sees me she looks down in shame. I have a prong collar for walking her, a shock collar for teaching her no. She’s smart and knows how to come, sit, lay, catch, drop it… However now she refuses to drop something she really wants. I cant give her chew bones or long lasting treats because she’s started growling and snaps at my kids when they come near her with it. I have a crate, that I put her in when she being bad. She refuses to calm down at all when there is something interesting like new people or another dog. I spend my entire day scolding her for doing bad things… so much to where I really dont want to be around her anymore. My kids hate her, and my husband is trying so hard to like her. Im at a complete loss as to how to train her to calm down and stop doing things she knows she isn’t supposed to do. I have a severe back injury and it is really hard for me to contain her when she’s acting a fool. Ive also tried having turkey in a treat pouch and only giving it to her when she’s being good. Which she will do till I run out then she’s right back at it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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2 years ago

Hi there😊 First off, thanks for caring so much about this dog. Secondly, a private trainer or personal session with a trainer is quite expensive- BUT- a group session is much more affordable. I would call around to local petsmart or other pet stores/people to try to find one. You can get somewhere between 8 and 10 sessions for around $200. You will get a wealth of knowledge there, so long as the trainer is good. Third, as tricky and difficult as it can be at times, try to remain calm. I know easier said than done in the heat… Read more »

2 years ago

If she’s pulling while on a prong, it’s likely not positioned correctly. It might also have a larger link size than she should have. Go with a smaller link and position it right behind the jaw. Make sure to have a backup slip lead on, just in case. Work on this in the yard before going on a walk. I suspect she has far too much freedom and too few rules. You’ve gotta go back to square 1 with obedience. Utilize trades (not food) instead of just taking things from her. Crate her if she’s chewing something. Consider umbilical training… Read more »