My 5 year old golden retriever, Paisley, just received ultrasound results that observed masses on her spleen, …

My 5 year old golden retriever, Paisley, just received ultrasound results that observed masses on her spleen, bladder and rectum, and enlarged lymph nodes. Her blood work came back normal, and stool sample was negative for parasites – she’s been a healthy dog! In the past 3 weeks, Paisley has been very lethargic, sleeps most of the day, can no longer get into the car or onto the bed, and strains trying to pass stool (it’s mostly blood or small stool with blood). Her appetite is unchanged – she’s always gobbled up her food and never misses an opportunity to mooch, so this is good. Her water intake is lower than normal, but she is still periodically drinking throughout the day. We’re currently awaiting the full report on the ultrasound to determine what the next options are (x-ray, biopsies, surgery, chemo – depending). My question goes out to the Pawbly community – pet owners and veterinarians, anyone who may have personal experience or insight related to this. Have you had this sort of unfortunate discovery with your pet? Was it benign or malignant? Is surgery recommended for both benign and malignant masses, and what is the likelihood of it resolving things? The questions go on…We just got this news last night, so admittedly my head is still spinning and not sure how best to proceed. It’s already been $2,000 in vet bills to get to this stage. Without pet insurance, just preparing for whatever costs may lie ahead for anything we choose to do next. Otherwise, Paisley is a very happy girl and still has a great zest for life when she has the energy! Shocked that this is happening to such a young pup.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback! Very much appreciated.

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2 years ago

Hi there- so sorry that this is all happening. I think that before you can really come up with any sort of game plan, you need to find out the rest of the results. I would also start keeping a journal for questions you have as well as your dog’s behavior. You can share these with your vet. I know that when our dog two years ago was ill, I always had a million questions and then when we would get to our appointment, my mind would go blank. Keeping the journal helps to sort your thoughts out so that… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Samantha

Well- only since you asked. He was our younger mixed breed, and always so healthy- when he started to be tired all the time I brought him in because it was so out of character. When they took xrays my vet could tell right away it wasn’t good. He was riddled with cancer everywhere, so we knew it was a matter of time and pain management. That was in early spring about 2 years ago. We had to get him to the end of the school year (he was my son’s best friend in the whole world) and our vet… Read more »