Addisons Disease???

My 4 year old Lab has been sick since Thursday. She wouldn’t eat, threw up bile, has diarrhea and just wasn’t herself, I took her to her vet Friday afternoon unfortunately they were closing, they gave her some fluid and medicine to calm her stomach, and sent us home with some medicine and a canned food.. They said if she wasn’t improving in 24 hours to take her to the emergency room for a full work up Unfortunately, we had to take her in on Sunday, after some test and after 3 day they told us she is finally eating a small amount and her stool is thicker and not bloody anymore. Her protein is low they did a ultrasound of her stomach and said everything looked normal but her adrenal glands are small so they are now testing her for Addisons disease. I tried to do some research but cant figure much out, does anyone have any information or has had a pet with Addisons disease? Is it common for a 4 year old healthy dog to start showing symptoms?
I just want my baby home!!! thank you!

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

It sounds like you are getting a thorough work up and moving in the direction of some answers.
I have treated quite a few Addisonians and once diagnosed and started on treatment most do very well. If you have any questions or concerns ask for an internal medicine referral and go from there. Good luck. I hope she is feeling better soon.