My 4 year Lab x Great Dane x bull mastiff had TTA surgery on his left knee …

My 4 year Lab x Great Dane x bull mastiff had TTA surgery on his left knee about 15 months ago and about 9 days ago he had to have surgery on it again for a Latent meniscus tear on the back of the medial side.
A few days ago he developed a seroma. It’s a good handful size. When the vet aspirated some fluid it was the normal blood stained colour however the fluid was quite viscose (this vet was filling in for the vet that did the meniscus surgery as he is away for a few weeks). My concern is that synovial fluid is leaking into the dead space, along with normal fluid. If SF is leaking from the internal incision site of the joint capsule, will this heal on its own? Also has this occured because Benson may have been over doing it, even though I’ve tried very hard to limit his activity? No fluid is leaking out of the suture site on the skin. He’s currently on antibiotics and a NSAID. I was a bit annoyed I had to pay for the consultant considering it was a post op issue.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

This is really a question for your surgeon. They can help identify which layer has the issue and also guide you in monitoring it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Brook

Hello- just wondering if you got in to the vet yesterday and if so what they said. If you’re wary though, remember to voice your concerns…. and there is always the option to seek out another opinion from a different practice if you’re not happy at the moment. I know it is hard to leave where you’re comfortable, and the current corona virus situation doesn’t make it easier….. hoping Benson is doing ok!!😊🐾