My 12 year old Jack Russell just recently had a some drops of blood in her stool. …

My 12 year old Jack Russell just recently had a some drops of blood in her stool. She was straining a bit the last time she went, and this time she was straining a lot. Her stool wasn’t completely solid, nor was it diarrhea. She has been very gassy the past couple of days. Now her stomach is making noises, but she just passes gas and it stops. She ate her food normally before this happened, and now she doesn’t seem to have any other problems besides being gassy. Do I need to be concerned, or could it be from straining so much?

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3 years ago

Good morning,
I would keep an eye on her bathrooming. Hoping she just ate something that isn’t agreeing with her. If she continues having difficulty, then I would definitely call the vet. Sometimes, it may just be a one off and they get back to normal just fine, but if it doesn’t resolve quickly then they could get into trouble. Try to give her bland food… boiled chicken and rice. That might help settle her stomach from grumbling. When she passes that, I would check the stool. Then go from there. Good luck!😊

Sandra Sellers
3 years ago

Usually a few drops of blood is normal if they are constipated. A large amount or not happening every time would be a sign they need to see a vet. I agree with some bland food. Also a little pumpkin can help move the stool along. It could be a small episode that will never happen again. I would monitor and if it continues they would need to be checked out for a blockage or tumor or something.