My 10 week old kitten has a very bad humerus fracture on her right front leg. I …

My 10 week old kitten has a very bad humerus fracture on her right front leg. I just came home from the animal hospital and they are telling us to take her to a specialist/surgeon tomorrow and that the surgery will be about $6k. I am beside myself because we just cannot afford this, but I know I need to do something. I have seen a video of a similar aged kitten with the same fracture and they were able to splint her and wrap it around her back to the other side to stabilize her shoulder and humerus. I am hoping I can find a vet willing to do this tomorrow but does this sound like it would heal? I was told amputation or euthanasia are the other options but we just got this kitten on Tuesday and would be heartbroken. We aren’t even sure how this happened, it’s been an overwhelming day! Any advice is appreciated.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, Without knowing the specifics of this fracture I will say (and I believe this to be true) that all kittens heal. In vet med we have a saying “if you put a broken kitten in a cage and wait long enough they always put themselves back together”. (Well the saying is pretty close to that).. find a vet who will help you. Put this kitten in a cage just big enough for a small low sided blanket, food, water and a low sided litter box (or litter on newspaper) and let her rest. No playing. No leaving the cage… Read more »