Good morning pawbly friends. Apologies for the long question. I feel like the worst dog…

Good morning pawbly friends. Apologies for the long question. I feel like the worst dog mom in the world right now? We recently rescued a beautiful black gsd- Riva the Diva. We have acreage, so while we do leash train, we also collar train (we cannot afford to fence in although we do have a small fenced section). We use the collar when we do our long walks around the perimeter or when we are playing in the yard, etc. we haven’t even started training Riva on it yet… I’ve only been putting it on her in the morning (“let’s get dressed” and taking it off in the evening “time for bed”) for the last three days. Yesterday afternoon I noticed she seemed uncomfortable and when I went to check her, her neck where the bulky part of the collar is was all raw! We haven’t even turned the collar on yet. I could easily fit 2 fingers width under the collar. Obviously I took the collar off right away and cleaned off the raw area. She slept completely collarless, and is without any type of collar at the moment. I’m only putting her regular collar on for short walks. This morning she is much happier and her neck looks much better already. My concern is what happened… was the collar too tight even though I could fit my fingers? Is there an allergic reaction? My other concern is, we travel/vacation with our dogs to the mountains, woods etc. and depend on these collars. This has not ever happened with any of our other dogs.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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4 years ago

It definitely sounds like an allergic reaction to me – there’s nickle in the contacts on e-collars, and many dogs are allergic to the metal. I would leash train her until you can figure something else out (maybe contact the collar manufacturer and see if they have an option for you?). Long line training is a good idea, too.

4 years ago

Hey Sarah, is your system an electronic fence, or do you use a collar with a remote? If the latter, it looks like at least one company makes hypoallergenic contacts:

Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

I have seen hotspots develop. Just abrasion and fur with a tinge of humidity can cause it. They heal very quickly when the collar is removed. PS you are the best dog mom! Xox Riva