Morning, I have a golden retriever called Roxy who developed a abscess following a anti inflammatory …

Morning, I have a golden retriever called Roxy who developed a abscess following a anti inflammatory injection (in her neck) – this was incised under GA and left a MASSIVE seroma. Many months later it eventually closed only to reform again and rupture. The vet gave a course of antibiotics when the discharge changed colour from a light pink to a dark red colour and the exudate improved to a lighter colour. It is still a very deep sinus. I have been dressing it twice a day with boiled cooled water and two drops of tea tree oil, and then packing it with a natural bee wax ointment and a Betadine solution mix. Recently I took her back for another opinion because the lump was not improving, which in all honesty was a nightmare vet trip. The vet stuck her hand into the sinus and scraped and scraped – the return was clots of blood that looked like liver and the consultation room looked like a slaughter house. They said that if it didn’t heal over the next few weeks she would need to have surgery again and they would do a ‘running stitch’ to close it from the inside. I am not going this route! I vowed that would be the last vet trip I take her too. It was so traumatic for her and for me (I am a nursing sister so I can stomach most things, but this was too brutal and too close to my heart). So the twice a day dressing continues. I have been working away at this for about 6 months now and it is a huge strain on me, washing bandages and dressing whilst working a fulltime job and caring for my child and house. I do not want to give up, but I have moments when this is what I want to do, I suppose this is normal. She is 11 years old. This morning it seems to be smelling like infection is brewing again… 🙁 Should I do Milton solution irrigations? What can I do to aid healing? Any advice gratefully received, I am desperate. Claire Neithercut

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Krista Magnifico
11 months ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your pups condition and your experience with the vets so far. I would never advise anyone to give up on their pets but I am a vet so it is also difficult for me to advise you to go this without medical assistance my first concern is that it sounds like your pup needs a better plan for treatment. If this was an abscess/ seroma or hematoma it would be nice to have had a culture to better decide the antibiotic and maybe even a drain placed do help healing. Although it might have… Read more »

11 months ago

Good morning-
I am sorry that you are having such a time with this and worse that your experience with the vet hasn’t been the best. I would definitely find a vet thatbyou trust and will listen to you and help guide you through a treatment plan.