My 6 month old male puppy has been peeing on our house lately. It seems…

My 6 month old male puppy has been peeing on our house lately. It seems like the past two weeks he has been doing it at least once a day. He didn’t used to do this, or at least not as much. He won’t really let us know he has to go, then will just release on the ground & look like he knows it was wrong. He will only sometimes let us know he has to go (usually for poops). I have recently started letting him have access to water at all times when not in the crate. (I feel like this is why he’s been peeing so much) but he needs to start letting us know in some way that he has to go. Should I start giving him less water in his bowl or start giving him after at certain times until he finally gets it.. I feel very stuck right now & would love to hear some opinions.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Start this discussion at the vets office. I see a lot of urinary tract infections in puppies. Never limit water intake. If your pet is thirsty there is a reason. Withholding water can do significant damage to kidneys. Let us know what happens

3 years ago

Good morning….? along with dr. Magnifico’s advice, I would check your routine with him. Make sure you have a dependable schedule with definite walk times in place that your pup can depend on. Make sure as soon as he goes potty outside, you praise him. If there is a particular spot you prefer him to go, bring him directly there and when he goes praise him and use a treat too. I know it sounds back to the basics, but you may just need to reestablish things, especially if (hopefully) a uti is ruled out. When he goes inside the… Read more »

3 years ago

?sorry! I meant to type I hope this IS helpful. My apologies for the typo!!

3 years ago

In addition to the suggestions already give him, he should not have free access to the house. Leash him to you or confine him to the room you’re occupying, and take him out every 30 minutes. Once you’ve cleared him of any kidney or urinary issues, you’ll know whether this is health or training…if it proves to be training, you’ll want to SLOWLY increase time between visits outside. I would never restrict water unless you had a gulper.