Two days ago my 8 month old puppy had diarrhea & little pieces of his…

Two days ago my 8 month old puppy had diarrhea & little pieces of his buffalo chew horn in it. I took away the horn & threw it away bc I didn’t like the fact that he was swallowing pieces. I assumed the diarrhea was from irritation of not being able to digest it. He had no diarrhea yesterday & was totally fine. This morning I woke up to diarrhea on our floor & later he threw up a small amount. His throw up had another little piece of the buffalo horn in it. He is still acting like his very hyper self & is drinking & eating like normal. My question is do you think his stomach is still just a little irritated & trying to get back to normal? Or is this something I should be really concerned about & get him seen?

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2 years ago

It’s very possible his stomach is irritated, but I’d be concerned about a partial blockage. Maybe give the vet a call since it’s still an issue?

2 years ago

I agree. I would watch his stools very carefully. It may be irritation from earlier, but if there is partial blockage, you will need to see a vet and have an X-ray to Ben sure. If there is no more improvement, or it keeps recurring, a very visit is needed ASAP.