My 10 yr old Maltese was laying on my bed. When I took her off…

My 10 yr old Maltese was laying on my bed. When I took her off of it the area she was laying on was very wet. Not urine wet. There was no odor. But I could feel the wetness and see where it stained. Although it was very light. Her body wasn’t wet. I know that it wasn’t from anything else. She was showing signs of being nervous when I first put her there. It’s very confusing.

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Laura Kyle
3 years ago

I agree with Jenn. It sounds like urine to me. Sometimes when urine is dilute it has very little odor. At 10years old, I would definitely recommend some baseline bloodwork and a urinalysis.

Jennifer Taylor
3 years ago

I would watch carefully to see if you continue to notice “wet spots” where she lays. My dog has Spay-Induced Incontinence, she leaks urine when she is sleeping. It is often odorless as well as my girl also has a condition where she does not concentrate her urine. If you continue to notice these wet spots a trip to the vet would be warranted to see if there is a medical cause and treatment. Best of luck!