Lucy is a rescue, she is female Chihuahua Mix. We notices she has not been bearing …

Lucy is a rescue, she is female Chihuahua Mix. We notices she has not been bearing weight on the back leg. More like she was limping, bearing weight more days than other. I was thinking old age, sore muscle. We watch her closely, it seem to be getting better. Then last night on her walked something spooked her and she darted for the house. Since then she does not even extend that leg, she hobbles and wobbles on the three. I am waiting for the vet to call back for an appointment. What should I expect has for as cost for x-rays, I only ask because I assume this will be needed and when I ask an approximate cost, I was told that information is not available to give. What is the best case scenario for Lucy given her age, What is the wort I can expect? I check her leg for mobility and she is moving in all directions and does not appear to bother her. ( the leg in question) Thank you for your time and consideration in this.

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2 years ago

Good morning- so sorry Lucy is in pain. It think that when you get into the vet, you should discuss cost up front. They should most definitely be able to give you an approximate cost of at least the exam and an X-ray. If not, ask them why. At my vet, the pricing is listed upfront- it is $100 for 1 image, $150 for 2 – 3 images… Just be honest and let them know you need to know how much to set aside to be able to pay them. Depending on her exam, and how long ago her last… Read more »