I have 3 cats and have some litter box issues. I used to have the…

I have 3 cats and have some litter box issues. I used to have the covered boxes, but noticed that one of the cats was peeing outside the box. So I removed all of the lids. The problem seemed to stop, but then started again on occasion. I bought larger boxes, (I have three of them) and the issue still occurs. I finally discovered it was my cat with colitis. She does pee in the box, but gets so close to the edge or stands instead of squats that it goes outside the box. Is she doing this because of the colitis or a behavior issue? perhaps higher sided boxes would help? I keep the areas lined with pee pads, but they are no match for cat urine. Suggestions?

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3 years ago

I would try a box with higher sides. I would also discuss this with my vet to make use it isn’t related to the medical issue.

3 years ago

I agree with Sarah – get a box with higher sides. You should have 4 for that number of cats, anyway, so it’s a good time to pick that up.