Hi. My dog will not leave her forelegs alone. She is nibbling, licking…

Hi. My dog will not leave her forelegs alone. She is nibbling, licking and almost sounds as though she is trying to take them off!! The vet cannot find anything though we have tried cortisone cream which she licks off(not good) and steroids but to no avail. She did have two lines in some weeks ago as she was unwell. HELP

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4 years ago

Good morning? I am so sorry that your dog is having such issues. Has your vet done a skin scrape to test for parasites? That may help you find a remedy that will work. Also, is there anything in your yard or along your daily walk that your dog may walk through that could cause such a reaction that you are aware of? While it is nearly impossible to avoid certain plants and foliage outside, again if you can pinpoint which thing might be causing it, it will be easier to find a medication to help more. Your vet may… Read more »

4 years ago

She isn’t comfortable. This is either an allergic reaction to something or her way of managing pain. Cortisone won’t work…ask your vet for something like Betagen. It’s a bad tasting topical spray that can help healing and will deter licking. I would also increase her mental work to distract her from the itchies and pain. This means training! Do things that work her mind.