My 2 kittens were spayed last week and both have developed a seroma. One of…

My 2 kittens were spayed last week and both have developed a seroma. One of which is leaking a bit. We have 2 other cats and never experienced this with the others. The vet said they are caused by being overactive, is this accurate? They were both relatively calm and quiet for most of the week after their spay and these just developed within the past 2 days. After we had them rechecked at the vet Monday, they told us to separate them and basically quarantine them to separate bedrooms. We tried this yesterday but keeping them isolated has just caused them to be overactive when they finally get to come back out. We don’t want to make them go crazy from the isolation. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you in advance!

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I can’t really offer an opinion for the surgery or after care. And I’m not sure that blame or identification of underlying cause is helpful at this point. I do however think it is relevant and appropriate for you to inquire who did the surgery and what their experience level is. You can get a copy of the doctors notes and ask the vet if perhaps surgical technique was a part of the seroma. I see these as learning opportunities not sources of blame. Then ask for help in getting your kittens through this. Collectively and productively. If you… Read more »