I have a new Kitten that isn’t eating much. He is drinking. He…

I have a new Kitten that isn’t eating much. He is drinking. He was at the vet (Dr. Magnifico) on Sunday because he was sneezing. Just adopted him and his brother on Friday. Brother seems to be fine. He is taking an antibiotic twice a day. He has been opening his mouth a lot, kind of like his nose is clogged and he is breathing through his mouth. He comes to the food (wet) when I put it out but he hovers over it and licks it, but I don’t think he is eating it. What can I do? It is snowing here and I will probably not be able to get him to the vet today. Thanks,


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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello I will call you as soon as I get to work. In general if cats can’t smell then they don’t eat well. I would guess his nose is stuffed up. He really needs to be seen ASAP. Can you bring him in now? He should have his temperature checked, listen to his lungs and probably be put on a stringer antibiotic. Also we will give him subq fluids to keep him hydrated. The over the counter product called Little Noses helps to unclog the nose. one drop in each nostril twice a day. But I cannot over express how… Read more »