Hello, I just adopted a kitten and I had a few inquires about her and…

Hello, I just adopted a kitten and I had a few inquires about her and her health. Unfortunately, the previous owner did not know her age, therefore I do not either. The kitten is a Persian breed, at glance I’d say she’s about 5 or 6 weeks old. Please would you tell me what type of food to give her? Prior to my understanding of what cats eat, I have fed her cheese as meals for an entire day; I stopped upon finding out it is not good for them. I have then fed her boiled chicken, though she ate it she did not seem to enjoy it. I plan on buying cat food today however I do not know what brand to get; and since she was getting hungry I fed her smoked turkey rashers and I’m wondering if that would harm her?

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David Bent
5 years ago

Hi Zain
As she is a kitten – she needs building up like any new animal- get kitten milk -it is called that- NOT normal milk -at the supermarket- this is a food supplement- any good commercial “wet” canned food and you can get biscuits for different age cats
Also the local vet can give you advice – a lot of commercial biscuits are very salty- ask the vet
regards David