I’ve got a first time urinary blocked cat that had a sewn in cath/IV …

I’ve got a first time urinary blocked cat that had a sewn in cath/IV fluids in ER at 6pm yesterday. Tricky thing was, they were only an overnight so I picked him up this morning with the plan to have primary take over but they basically refused when I got there, stating they would only remove the catheter when needed. So I took him home with the catheter and continued IV fluids myself (ER left the line and gave me a bag they had started) and returned to have the catheter removed at 3pm today. She came back saying his bladder was empty, so she couldn’t tell if the blockage was still present and to just monitor. Well it’s been about 4hrs and I’ve seen him go to the litter box three times. First time (about an hour after we got home) small bloody urine, and the last two times nothing. Should we have a second catheter placed and resume IV for longer? He’s currently on Prazosin and Buprenex q12hr. He’s currently acting normal but I presume his bladder isn’t as full as it was yesterday afternoon.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

This is a question for a vet who can examine him. I keep cats on iv fluids with a urinate catheter in place foe days to allow the bladder to flush and hopefully remove all of the favors that allowed or caused the blockage. I also use pain meds and an anti inflammation along with prazosin. The average hospital stay is about 5 days.