IVDD Advice – my two year old Frenchie has recently been diagnosed with IVDD. Two weeks …

IVDD Advice – my two year old Frenchie has recently been diagnosed with IVDD. Two weeks ago he was playing and suddenly started laying on his side and couldn’t get up. I took him to the vet the same day and they did an X-ray and tests that the vet suspects IVDD. The nearest clinic for an mri is two hours away and the cost is more than I can afford

He has been on trazodone, gabapentin, and muscle relaxers for two weeks, but after the fifth day he returned back to his normal self. I’m having a hard time keeping him calm and he tries jumping in the crate and pulls on the leash when I walk him outside to potty. I’ve gotten multiple kongs and slow feeders but he’s still bored. I even got a dog stroller with a screen on it but he’s still too active. Any tips?

Also how do I keep this from happening again? I have another Frenchie that he loves to play with. Can he run and play after the crate rest?

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, I’m so glad to hear your pup is doing so well. I think a few things are key. No more jumping into or off anything. No high impact activities. I also think it’s time to start obedience so you can better help keep him focused and trained to listen. Go for long walks. In different places where he can really use his nose and his brain to investigate instead of relying on you for activity. Hey his head into other things like puzzles. Toys. Training. Anything to keep his body from any jarring sudden actions. Even scent training or… Read more »