It’s a long story, but I will try to make it brief. Molly, 3.5 month old …

It’s a long story, but I will try to make it brief. Molly, 3.5 month old Labrador patient of Dr. Magnifico, unfortunately found a canister of Trident Gum that had fallen between the front seat and back seat of the vehicle. We were traveling across the state and stopped at a Vet Clinic. I knew Xylitol was poisonous to dogs. The receptionist consulted with the Dr. and he said to call the Animal Poison Control Center and meanwhile try to induce vomiting. We didn’t have to induce, but she started vomiting on her own. I did administer peroxide to make sure she emptied her stomach. This all took place within 1/2 hr window. We started on the road again as the nearest Emergency Hospital was an hour and 1/2 away. I called the Poison center and the Veterinarian on the line did the toxicology calculation and said Molly really needed emergency treatment. She told me to give Molly some kibble to ward off hypoglycemia. We got her to the emergency hospital and they started testing her blood sugar (elevated to 133), administered an antidote for Xylitol, checked her ALT liver value (114 reading) and gave her dextrose and a liver supplement. This all took place late Monday night into Tuesday. On Tuesday, Molly seemed to be recovering nicely and I was expecting her to come home on Wednesday. On Wed afternoon, they said her ALT Liver value was elevated 1 point (76 instead of 75 which is normal) and they were concerned. 1 pt doesn’t seem that alarming, but I’m not a toxicologist. They will do another test this evening and I am to call them Thursday morning. 🙁 I have already paid $1500 for what was supposed to be for up to 36 hrs care. In your opinion, does the 1pt ALT elevation warrant another evening in Emergency Hospital as opposed to her staying with Jarrettsville Vet for care?

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Krista Magnifico
4 months ago

I’m so sorry this happened.
I. My opinion no. The elevation is so minimal that I wouldnt have been too concerned.
I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. I hope you are all ok.