Is it normal that the vet wants to amputate the leg due to 2 small fractures

Is it normal that the vets want me to amputate my kittens hind left leg due to a small fracture in the hip and a fracture above the knee. I had to take him late at night so it was to an emergency pet clinic and they were so very discouraging about me finding someone to repair his leg. I also never saw the X-ray of the one above the hip and when I asked for the X-rays they did not give them to me told me I had to wait for the vet to release them to me and they sent me the report without the X-rays in the report.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Please go to your normal vet, or make an appointment with a vet that your friends and family recommend and if you still aren’t comfortable wirh the answer ask for a referral to a surgeon. Depending on age and the fracture I usually tell every client wirh a young growing otherwise healthy pet to try strict cage rest (they are kept in the cage 24/7 for 4 weeks to see if the fracture will heal. Also make sure they get their routine pet care and are spayed as soon as they are healed. I never amputate without giving them… Read more »