Is it normal for a kitten to lick ears???

Is it normal for a kitten to lick ears???
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Krista Magnifico

Your kitten is licking your ears? I’m not sure its normal but I’m also not sure that it isn’t. We have a clinic cat who is also obsessed with licking our ears when we hold her. So far it’s been a decade doing this at a vets clinic and I wouldn’t call her normal. But she’s not medically impaired. She’s just a little ear weird. But we love her anyway. As always if you are concerned please mention it to your vet.

Sarah Greco

Good morning😊 We had 2 kittens years ago when I was still in elementary school that did this. Our vet at the time said that it might be because they left their mother too soon. (These kittens we hand raised because their mom was run over down the road from our house) they would cuddle up into the crook of our neck, under our hair and try to lick behind our ears. I know it sounds gross and strange, but they were babies. The male grew out of it, the female never did- so anyone on our sofa with long… Read more »